Battalion Bowls Competition

Four members of 2nd Ahoghill Company Section competed against boys from around the Ballymena battalion, during a bowls night which was hosted by 1st Ahoghill.

A summary of the night, written by William McCartney, can be found below.

Our night began as usual with a short Bible talk from Ryan. As we had got to the end of our book. “Lessons from the Lesser Known”, the officers had decided to revise the whole book again, ready for the exam later on in the year.

It was based on Genesis chapter 4, with the story of how Abel offered up his offering to God with faith, unlike Cain. This lead to Cain being jealous and even though God had given him a second chance to correct his errors, he went out into the field and killed his brother.

Ryan explained to us that the reason God did not accept Cain’s offering was because he didn’t offer it up with faith. Therefore we must live our lives in faith also. Another point was that God gave Cain a chance to make things right again. yet he ignored it. We must never ignore God’s warning but make the most of our second chance whilst we still have it.

Next was Fall In, where all the boys were inspected. Four boys were selected out of the whole company based on top marks from throughout the year. These were John Lyttle and Andrew Gilmore from Squad 1, William McCartney from Squad 2 and Scott Millar from Squad 3.

Since it was the bowls competition that night these four would be the ones representing 2nd Ahoghill Company. The competition was being held just down the road at 1st Ahoghill so a quick jump in Jonnie’s car and a drive down the road got us safely to where we needed to be.

The competition began promptly on our arrival, with the rest of the teams already being there. Some of the rest of our competitors were 1st Ahoghill, Cullybackey, Broughshane and two teams from Ballee. With the teams being made up of three boys, Andrew joined in with Broughshane’s team.

The first round meant we were up against Ballee B. New to the game William and John were explained the rules whilst Scott took his position up at the end of the mat. Each boy rolled two bowls throughout the course of one game. It would be fair to say both teams didn’t do as well as expected in the start. Sadly despite our determination, throughout the final last games we were beaten by a few points.

With the teams now being divided into brackets our second and final match was against 1st Ahoghill. Thankfully our inexperience was shared with another and Scott brought us home 4-1 . Once all the points were added together and the result of joint 3rd had been clarified, 1st Ahoghill treated us to some refreshments.

Thanks to their hospitality and all the other teams that played in good sport. After the short ride home we met up with the rest of the boys for Fallout. Another great night at 2nd Ahoghill BB.

OUR OBJECT: The advancement of Christ’s kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.
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