UK Table Tennis 2018/19 – Round 2

2nd Ahoghill Company Section hosted 1st Greenisland during a tense set of matches in the second round of this year's national table tennis competition.

This was actually our first involvement in the competition, after getting a bye in the first round as our opponents had to pull out.

Greenisland, however, were able to attend. We were greeted by the familiar face of captain Eric Chalmers, who we met during our Round 1 matches in 2015/16.

Each match was best of five games, with each game first to 11 points. Each player from both three boy teams would face each other once for a total of nine matches, separated into three rounds. Meaning the team to win five or more matches would progress. After a quick overview of the rules and an opening prayer, the games got underway.

Greenisland started very strongly, with commanding 3-0 victories in two of their first-round matches. However, William McCartney kept us in contention, with a hard-fought victory which went to the fifth and final game.

The second round of matches saw Greenisland record another two whitewash victories to extend their lead.  John Lyttle recorded his own 3-o victory to keep Ahoghill’s hopes alive.

That meant Ahoghill entered the final round of matches needing victories in all three to progress. Unfortunately, Greenisland continued their fine form and limited us to a single win to earn their place in the next round. The final tally of matches won was 6-3 in favour of Greenisland.

2nd Ahoghill v 1st Greenisland
Round 1
0 v 3 1
0 v 3 2
1 3 v 2
Round 2
0 v 3 3
2 3 v 0
0 v 3 4
Round 3
0 v 3 5
0 v 3 6
3 3 v 0
Final Score
3 6


Congratulations to 1st Greenisland on their victory and all the best for the next round. Thanks to John Lyttle, William McCartney, Peter Cahoon and John Watterson for investing their time to represent the Company.

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