UK Masterteam 2017/18 – Round 1

2nd Ahoghill finished 4th in their group, after a disappointing opening round in this year’s Masterteam competition.

The team met at the church hall before travelling to Molesworth Presbyterian Church in Cookstown.

A total of twenty three companies had entered the competition, with the first round split into four groups participating simultaneously across Northern Ireland. Our group contained hosts 1st Cookstown, 58th Belfast, 3rd Carrickfergus, 4th Ballymoney and 3rd Ballyclare.

Our group was overseen by quizmaster Ian McCollough and scorekeeper James Thompson. A summary of the rounds can be found below-

Round 1 – General Knowledge
Round 2 – B.B. Knowledge
Round 3 – Around the UK and Ireland
Round 4 – Sport
Round 5 – Bible Knowledge
Round 6 – General Knowledge
Round 7 – Flags of Europe (Picture Round)
Round 8 – Pop Hits of 2017
Round 9 – Blockbusters
Round 10 – Cat & Dog Breeds (Picture Round)

The top team from each group automatically qualified for the next round, meaning 3rd Carrickfergus progressed with 62 points. The four highest scoring of the remaining teams would also advance, making it unlikely for our own boys to progress with a final score of 58 points.

Many thanks to Captain James Park of 1st Cookstown for his warm welcome, and for the refreshments provided after the quiz.

Company Total
3rd Carrickfegus 62
58th Belfast  60
1st Cookstown  59
2nd Ahoghill  58
4th Ballymoney 55
3rd Ballyclare 51
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