UK Chess 2017/18 – Round 1

2nd Ahoghill hosted 11th Bangor during a tense encounter in the opening round of this year's national chess competition, which took place on Friday night.

A total of nine matches were played, organised into three series of three concurrent matches. This ensured each boy would face all three members of the opposing team.

The boys got off to a solid start in the first series of matches. William claimed his first win of the night, and John battled his way to a draw; leaving both teams drawn on 1½ points.

The second series proved tougher, with the boys adding only a single point to their tally. William’s fine form continued with another victory. This allowed 11th Bangor to take the lead, with the scores at 3½ – 2½.

The third and final round went down to the wire. William completed his hat trick of wins to bring the scores level at 3½ points. However John was defeated in his final game as Bangor regained the lead 4½ – 3½. All eyes turned to Ross’ game, as the outcome would decide which team progressed to the next round. Unfortunately the added pressure led to another defeat.

This left the final score as 5½ – 3½ to Bangor, earning them a place in the next round of the competition.


Series 1
½ Tom v John ½
0 Ben v William 1
1 Kyle v Ross 0
Series 2
0 Kyle v William. 1
1 Ben v John 0
1 Tom v Ross 0
Series 3
1 Ben v Ross 0
1 Kyle v John 0
0 Tom v William 1
Final Score


Well done to John, Ross and William for their efforts as they took the tie all the way to the final match, much like our Round 1 fixture in last year’s competition.

Thank you to 11th Bangor for their company and competition throughout the night, and all the best as you continue in the next round.

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